catch up…..

I’m still here! I probably should go back a bit seen as I haven’t posted since March but there really was nothing to write about as I just plodded along going through the same motions every month…. – getting smiley face on ovulation stick – dtd around that time as much as pos(himself was delighted) […]

So what do we have in common….

sizeĀ 0 – nope big fake boobs – nope gorgeous famous footballer husband – nope just to famous and footballer (himself was voted sexiest man in Limerick ya know) 3 kids – nope(I wish) money – nope PCOS – YEP!!! Did I know? – nope!! I hadn’t a clue, never suspected a thing. I’ve been suffering […]

time moves on…

So how am I??? Believe it or not I’m perfectly fine, I know people doubt me when I tell them this but I truly am. The 3 of us headed off to Cefalu in Sicily for a week and had a really lovely time. It was nice to be not pregnant, worrying, stressing, panicking at […]