She’s here…

*Waves* I’m still here, I’ve been meaning to write a post forever but life is soooo busy at the moment my blogs have been abandoned. It’s  a bit late so I’ll just do a quick photo blog about my long awaited chubby bundle. She arrived April 18th in a very calm and enjoyable birth experience which I will write about again. She was 9lb 1 at 39 weeks and the most beautiful little thing you have ever seen. She took a while to get here but she was worth every agonising moment we had to wait. She is absolutely adorable and everything I wished for, I absolutely ADORE her and love her more than anything in the world. (ok starting to well up now, the wine isn’t helping;)) She is the happiest, most chilled out little chubba and has changed everybody’s lives for the better, she really is a special little thing and brightens everybody’s day. My little family is complete now and my mind is at rest, for any of you out there with fertility issues, there is hope, I felt like there wasn’t and still remember the pain so well and will never forget the heartache but once my little Sofia Lucia arrived….

Life is good…

L xx


3 thoughts on “She’s here…

  1. The pictures speak a thousand words!! Beautiful little post and she has most definitely brought something really special to the family 🙂 Love her xx

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of your precious little girl – she’s a beauty just like her big sister. Thank you for your candid but never maudlin accounts of the challenges that you have faced with fertility issues. I don’t even know you but when I heard that you were pregnant I was as happy for you as I would be for one of my friends. I have gone through the pain of a miscarriage and think that it’s something that needs to ba talked about more openly. I am currently expecting baby no 3 – this one took us by complete surprise. Best wishes to you and your family.

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