So what do we have in common….

size 0 – nope

big fake boobs – nope

gorgeous famous footballer husband – nope just to famous and footballer (himself was voted sexiest man in Limerick ya know)

3 kids – nope(I wish)

money – nope


Did I know? – nope!!

I hadn’t a clue, never suspected a thing. I’ve been suffering terribly with pms since my last miscarriage, I’ve always suffered but have been on the pill for years so I suppose that helped it a bit, initially I put it down to the hormones being all over the place after 2 miscarriages in 1 year but every month I feel like I must be pregnant as the symptoms are so bad for 2 weeks before AF arrived even though I knew I wasn’t. The gynae who gave me the bad news on my last m/c had told me to come back to her for a chat when I was ready to try again so this was the month. I made an appt with her on Weds not really expecting anything but it would be nice to get her opinion as she was the only person who had taken an interest in me having 2 m/c’s and said why wait for a 3rd whereas everyone else was of the opinion that there was probably nothing wrong and we would be 3rd time lucky…

To be honest I wasn’t happy with this and didn’t really want to see if we would be without doing some bit of investigation so I decided to hear what she had to say. I’m still on that diet I talked about before and have lost a stone in total now and feel much better, I sat down with her told her about the diet, my pms, my bloating, the m/c’s, my history etc for about 5-10 mins, she nodded away “listening to me” which makes a nice change, mumbled progesterone a couple of times under her breath and then finished with “it definitely sounds like progesterone, I think we need to do a scan”! Great I thought because this is what I had been wondering myself…

She did an internal scan and straight away she saw it, the little circles clustered around the ovaries on both sides and she informed me I had mild to moderate PCOS! I was a little shocked to say the least as I had no idea, she told me I had a “beautiful womb”, I replied “why thank you, I haven’t been told that before”, we had a giggle and she basically told me I’m very fertile and I’m ovulating, she showed me the ovulation follicles on the scan which was such a relief as PCOS can cause serious ovulation issues so at least there was some good news. She took my bloods and did some internal swabs to test me for everything basically, to confirm the PCOS, to test for diabetes, to check for insulin resistance, metabolic rate, thyroid function, hormone levels etc and I will get the results back in a week…

She is also prescribing progesterone supplements for me as she feels this is why I miscarried and I have to start taking them right after ovulation. She went on to say that I basically saved my fertility by being on the pill for so long as your fertility reduces drastically with age and PCOS, I think you are supposed to have babies as soon as possible in your twenties so thank god I never came off the pill until I was 30 and I went straight back on it after the princess. She also said we have saved 3 months by me being on this low carb/low GI diet and losing a stone as your fertility increases dramatically with body mass loss, this lady knows her stuff! I’m at a perfect weight according to her but she said it’s ok to lose 2 more kilos but not to lose too much. She talked about putting me on metformin which is a diabetes drug which controls insulin resistance but I have to wait for the results first….

So how do I feel about all of this?? Really good actually, the same day I found out this my neighbour had her beautiful  baby girl, she is gorgeous and Oh my god I felt so broody after holding her! I didn’t feel any jealousy or sadness as we were pregnant together just this unbelievable feeling that I am going to get my own and do everything I can to get there!  If I hadn’t gone to this gynae I could have got pregnant in the next few months and miscarried again. This might still happen but at least I feel like I have some bit of control and am taking steps to reduce the possibility, this lady is fabulous and I really feel she’s taken me under her wing and is going to help me get my” baby that’s being built and coming next year” according to the princess….

L xx

p.s any other pcos sufferers out there??


4 thoughts on “So what do we have in common….

  1. Lor, this is all great news and I’m delighted for you and main man that ye’re finally getting somebody who can help, fingers crossed for ye all, no doubt the princess is right and the next baby is on the way next year!! xxx

  2. Lorraine,
    just seeing this now.
    What a great obs – sounds like she really knows her stuff and is willing to help you any way she can.
    It will be interesting to see what the labs bring back..
    Best of luck over the coming months.

  3. Don’t have PCOS, but recurrent unexplained miscarriage has left me wishing I had some “cause” to hold onto. Not that I am wishing PCOS on you! But you know sometimes, it is harder when you can’t find any answers. Whinge out of the way, it is great to hear you so upbeat and postive at the start of the new year 🙂

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