d&c numero 2….

You can read about my first d&c here…..

So I got to Monday with very light spotting and went straight into the Maternity admissions, the midwife at the desk remembered me from the last time and was very sympathetic. I was sent straight down for a scan, for some reason I felt quite calm, I think I like to be in control of the situation and by being in the hospital I was. I knew the news was bad so I was completely prepared, she did an external scan and everything was the same as the previous scan, she got a 2nd opinion and she agreed so it was official, I had suffered my 2nd missed miscarriage.  On return to admissions the midwife gave Dr M a ring to see what to do, I had spoken to his secretary the Friday before and she said I could have a d&c on the Weds if  nothing had progressed. The midwife came off the phone a little surprised at Dr M’s reaction, he was genuinely disappointed for me, she said they don’t normally show any personal feelings in relation to patients but that he was really sorry it had happened to me again. I explained my 2 week stay on the princess and told her she should probably put my photo on the back wall as I come with issues…..

I was booked in for a d&c on the Wednesday, told to come in if I started naturally before then and was in too much pain and was sent on my merry way. I prayed I wouldn’t start naturally as I had prepared myself for the d&c and really just wanted to get it over and done with even though I hated the thought of going under the GA again. To make matters worse the princess had a meltdown when I put her to bed on the Tuesday night, she got really upset, telling me she loved me and missed me and didn’t want me to go downstairs. Ah Jesus did she know something I didn’t?? Was I not coming back?? She had me in a blubbering mess when I came downstairs to Bruno, he didn’t know what was going on. Kids are so instinctive and she obviously picked up that something was wrong and felt insecure as a result, I can say that now but at the time I was wondering had she some telepathic powers and I wasn’t going to come home from the hospital. Oh the mind plays terrible tricks, they dropped me to the hospital the next morning and again she clung to me balling her eyes out saying she didn’t want me to go, maybe a natural miscarriage wouldn’t be so bad an option after all…..

I arrived into admissions expecting the same dragged out saga as the last time but was brought straight into the private room to get my bloods and paperwork done. Everyone was so sympathetic this time as it was my second one so close to each other,most of them remembered me from the last time. I think they were rather worried about my happy demeanour and positivity. The one thing that I noticed is that everyone puts their hand on your arm or shoulder and says “I’m sorry for your loss”, they must be told this when training, it was funny because I got to the stage every time I met a new midwife or doctor I  put out my shoulder to them, the ones that didn’t do it must have thought I was a looney and wondered what was wrong with my shoulder? I actually felt fine (in control again), I knew all going well I would be home in a few hours and start to get back to normal. I couldn’t believe how fast I was put through, I arrived at 9 and was up in the “ward for d&c’ers” for 10! I was put in the same bed as the last time, I thanked them for keeping it for me and how  nice it was to see the damp unpainted wall was still there since February – cutbacks!!

I was given the tablet to open the cervix and left to wait 4 hours until 3pm. Dr M popped in to see me and I thanked him for keeping my bed for me, he was very sympathetic and said he’d get me through the d&c first and talk to me after about going forward. There were exams on so the hospital was a bit busy but he didn’t think it would be much later than 3, good lord it better not! Everything was the same as the last time except at about 2.45 I started to bleed a bit and started to have a bit of pain, phew just in time, thank god I was going in at 3, wasn’t I?? 3.15 came, 3.30 came, ok where the hell was he?  The midwife came to check me and asked me to rate the pain, it was about a 4, I probably should have said 9.5 but she rang over to theatre anyway and they were ready to welcome me….

This time I was wheeled over in my bed because I had started to bleed and for some strange reason I wasn’t half as nervous as the last time, I still wished I wasn’t there but I knew what to expect so I was quite calm. The theatre nurse met me and we started chatting, I told her about our award and we had a little chat about Italian food, it was the same anesthetist as the last time, I’d recognise that limp handshake anywhere. I was hooked up, drugged up, my eyes didn’t fight back this time and I drifted off. I woke up more or less the same as last time, how history repeats itself…

me waking up – I wash having lovely dreams…

theatre nurse – oh what were you dreaming about?

 me – canch’t remember but the lasht time I wash dreaming about Paul O’Connell and I woke up chelling the cheatre nurse! We feedch Paul O’Connell…

So yes I managed to tell this theatre nurse that I feed Paul O’Connell too, ah morto again! It’s becoming a bit of a problem! To be honest something happens when I wake up from the GA, I can’t stop talking! It’s like I’m so happy to be alive that I’m delirious with excitement and I end up telling the theatre nurse my whole life story, by the time she wheeled me back to the ward she knew about the shop, my birth on the princess, the award and the whole award ceremony in detail. We were friends for life…

It took a bit longer to perk up this time round, I was fairly weak and couldn’t really lift myself up, whereas last time I was sitting up straight away. Probably 2 GA’s in a couple of months will do that to you.  Dr M popped in for another chat and is convinced it was just bad luck and wants to check my bloods on day 21 after my first cycle and see where we’ll go from there…

 The non tea drinking Italian arrived in to pick me up, I had my tea and toast, went to the toilet to make sure my bladder still worked(very important you know) and off we went not pregnant again, 6 months of being pregnant with nothing to show for it but maybe 3rd time lucky…

p.s how to manage your miscarriage is a very difficult decision for any woman and although the d&c is my preference, here is an excellent account of a natural miscarriage …..


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