it’s tough being a woman….

You might have heard we won Best Casual Dining in Ireland recently which involved us attending a rather glamorous affair at the Burlington a week to the day after my happy scan! It was a star-studded black tie evening with Brendan O’Connor being the MC for the night. I saw lots of famous faces like Gay Byrne, Anne Doyle, Rosanna Davidson, Gerald and Lisa Keane to name a few. Obviously my biggest problem was “what the hell to wear” to hide my ever-expanding bosoms and belly, by 8pm at night I look 6 months pregnant so I knew it was going to have to be good whatever dress I bought. I headed straight into BT’s after my scan on the dress hunt and couldn’t find a thing, I know a lot of the girls in there so I didn’t want to have to tell them I was pregnant but had to in the end because I looked fat in everything and nothing suited. One of the girls found me a fabulous dress which hid everything to an extent, I don’t know what it is but I expand at all levels when pregnant, front, back, esp back, the song “I like big butts and I cannot lie” comes to mind every time cos I get serious booty when pregnant…

 There was nothing for it except spandex but of course when pregnant you can’t wear it so I then had to tell the lady in the underwear department too, at this stage the whole of Limerick was going to know. I ended up getting a pair of those flesh coloured bicycling shorts is the only way to describe them, I have never owned a pair of anything resembling these so the non tea drinking Italian nearly fell over laughing when I showed him. I explained to him that they all do it, quoting Tess Daly, the BT girl had told me she wore them throughout the first 12 weeks, so if Tess can wear them and all that!  He still thought they were the most hideous things he had ever seen and although I agree, THEY FRICKIN ROCK! Now I only bought the lighter version due to the little cannellini bean so I can only imagine what the real deal do and I am so buying a pair in every colour, they hide a multitude, where have I been the last few years, obviously not in the BT’s underwear dept enough…

I was really looking forward to the awards and really didn’t expect to win anything, we stopped off at Ikea on the way up to buy stuff for the shop and I noticed on the way to the hotel after walking around Ikea for 3 hours I wasn’t that tired, I put it down to the excitement of going to the awards and didn’t think about it too much. The night was fantastic and we won best Casual Dining in Munster first and then Best Casual Dining in Ireland but christ is it hard when you’re pregnant at these things. Firstly I didn’t take off my white cardigan for the whole night as my stomach was soooo swollen by the time they announced the awards, around 12am. Now at this stage I had probably drank 10 litres of water, I’d say everyone at the table thought I was a boring old so and so as I spent the night topping up my water glass and updating my twitter and facebook page as there’s not much else to do when everyone around you is getting drunk on free wine. When we won we were so shocked and had to go up for our award and photo, the cardigan stayed on and I tried to suck it all in which wasn’t easy with a 5 course meal and 10lt water and a cannellini bean all stuffed into my spandex cycling shorts but I managed somehow!

Everyone around me spent the night celebrating on prosecco and champagne while I nursed the same glass of prosecco until 4.30 in the morning, nobody noticed as they were all so drunk at that stage! We had breakfast across from Nevin McGuire the next morning as you do and set off home, I was sick as a dog the whole way home and thought I would have to stop along the way but managed to get home and into bed and slept for 2 hours. YAY the nausea had begun, I was delighted, the more sickness the more chance of the pregnancy lasting…

little did I know my little cannellini bean had stopped living 2 days previous…


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