finding beauty….

I haven’t posted for a while as I was holding out until I was able to share my good news but alas once again it wasn’t meant to be and I have had a second missed miscarriage. I just found out on Thursday and it has all started, I will talk about it in more detail but for now I’ll just leave you with a few pics from today, the weather was just fab so it lifted me a little and the princess had a ball and a few wardrobe changes in the garden….



p.s I love the sky picture, it’s where my 2 little cannellini beans are:)


10 thoughts on “finding beauty….

  1. Lorraine, I’m so sorry to hear your news. Like you and Bru, we had a miscarriage earlier this year and we got pregnant again soon after. I really understand the fear of it all going wrong again and my heart goes out to you that it has happened to you again. Wishing you strength, love and togetherness during this awful time.

  2. So sorry to hear this 😦 It totally sucks. Going through exact same situation right now – just waiting.



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