let the questions begin….

 a bedtime conversation….

the princess – mameee where did I get my name?

me – we picked it when you were a tiny baby in my belly…

the princess – huh?? so how did I get out?

me – they cut a little hole in my belly and took you out…

the princess – but how did they cut it?

me – with a scissors like the woodcutter in little red riding hood…

the princess – did it hurt?

me – not really, they gave me medicine…

the princess – how come I didn’t see it?

me – because you were a tiny baby…

the princess – but did I not still have eyes you silly??

me – *in stiches*

the princess – so Grainne(her creche minder) was in my belly and me and daddy were in your belly, grandad was in grandma’s belly, nonno was in nonna’s(italian grandparents) belly and baby Ethan and John were in Zia(aunt) Katrina’s belly…..



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