so precious….

It sometimes frightens me how much how I love my little princess, she IS my world, my life centres completely around her, I can’t even remember life before she arrived but I know it was nothing compared to what it is now. Everything I do, I do for her but like everyone sometimes the stresses of life, running a business, doing a lot of online activity with facebook and my blogs etc makes Mammy a busy and tired lady and every now and again she’s not the centre of my world as my focus is on other things!

But sometimes life has a funny way of showing you what’s most important, we went away for the weekend so we could have some quality time together as we do work a lot with the business and although we do spend a lot of time with her it is rarely all 3 of us together as one of us is always working. She was so excited as there was going to be an easter egg hunt at the hotel we were staying in and she packed her pink upsy daisy wellies and her easter basket which I had given her that morning full of goodies. All of Bruno’s family travelled up and joined us for Sunday lunch, the easter egg hunt ended up starting just before dessert so we rushed off to the nearby field to find lots of eggs hidden under hay, she was sooooo excited,she got a pink heart and a pink happy face painted on both cheeks, it was all pink and fluffy and we were all high on happiness……

She was on a high when we got back to the restaurant and was entertaining everybody and handing out eggs and chocolates to all, I had put a box of mini eggs in her basket that morning because I had them left over from our Easter cupcakes in La Cucina, I hate them to be honest as I’m terrified of her choking on them so I was hoping she wouldn’t be bothered with them. She decided she had to have one and of course with my fear of them I made a point of her biting it first so that it would be broken up and reduce the chance of it slipping back her throat and of course what happened – it slipped back her throat and the little bugger got stuck.

 OH MY GOD, my worst nightmare as they are the worst size and are rock hard so I instantly panicked. She couldn’t breathe and started to panic too probably because I was panicking so much, I was pounding her back, trying to do the whole rib thing, Bru was pounding her back, I was screaming help to the staff, in the midst of all this she stuck her fingers back her throat and “puked” as she so affectionately calls it and out it came all cracked. The poor little thing got such a fright and her little throat was sore, I got such a fright, christ it knocked me for 6. I ordered a large gin and tonic and the 2 of us just sat there hugging and in shock while the rest of the table continued on in conversation trying to take the focus away from it with Bru at the other end in shock but with no one to hug as we were both wrapped up, poor daddies!

In those couple of seconds the fear of not getting that mini egg out will stay with me forever, I wanted to be back doing our egg hunt which was filled with happiness and now I was here with my little princess and she couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t get the blasted thing out to help her breathe. You realise in those couple of seconds that everything could be taken away from you instantly and that this bundle of pinkness who loves nothing more than to dance around the house in her ballet dress all day and spend every waking moment with her mammy is the most precious thing on this earth(ok now I’m making myself cry) and that we should never forget that and maybe every now and again make an extra effort to finish work early and collect them from creche or close the laptop and do something spontaneous like go for a picnic in the park, or when we are tired and stressed and they just want to tell you something that’s very important to them, stop what you are doing for just a second and listen because they really are so precious and I think sometimes we do forget…..



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