you can call me doctor….

Soooooo, after my scan and about 4 hours later,( I shall do another post on the state of our maternity hospitals), I eventually saw a doctor who basically told me it was probably a miscarriage but because there was no sac she could not rule out an ectopic, all I heard was bla bla bla bla. I just wanted to go home and get on with my “LAM”(life after miscarriage), she did an internal, took my bloods, told me to come back in 48 hours and off I went on my merry way. I felt fine when I went home,a little weak and pale, spoke to my sister for a couple of hours(this girl can talk) and took a couple of days off to rest.

 I went back to the hospital on Weds for more bloods and it transpired that they had lost my blood from Monday so they couldn’t tell me about my HCG levels and I had to come back Friday and to ring that night between 9 and 10 for my result sooooo I rang at 7.45! They told me to ring back the next morning at 10 to be told to ring back at 3 to be told to ring back at 6 to be told my levels were 1400 and something. Oooooo maybe I was pregnant and it was too early to see on the scan or my dates were wrong etc etc, ALL POSITIVE THINKING HERE!!

 Next bloods were 1700 and the following bloods were 1740, OH SHIT!! I was starting to worry, all I could think about was ectopic. I spent the whole weekend on google reading medical journals(note to self, to maintain good mental health do not read medical journals) and waiting to rupture. Every niggle or pain would put me into a panic and then I’d burp and thank the lord I was still alive! I was so worried on the Saturday I went back out to the Maternity and I saw the doctor again, she did another internal, asked me a few q’s about shoulder tip pain, pain in the sides etc to which I answered no and she sent me on my way. Nothing could be done until scan on Monday, more bloods etc etc.

Anyway I got through the weekend alive and arrived in for my scan on Monday, an internal one no less! WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THEY DO THAT LAST WEEK??? was my first thought…… Anyway she found an empty sac and cyst on the ovary so there had been a pregnancy, oh relief and forgiveness for the above capitalised question. So more bloods and just wait for it all to go away naturally but alas it wasn’t meant to be – HCG 1904. DAMN!!

 Back in Wednesday for bloods again and a very nice midwife took me under her wing and off for another scan and meet with an OBS, my own 1 was on hols so I met with his replacement. He arrives in, puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me” because you’re 38 weeks Julie I advise complete bed rest” WTF???? I wish, the midwife quickly explains I’m not Julie and we get down to business after a few hee hee’s.

It transpires the cyst is a “corpus luteum” and that is probably holding the HCG level and he advises to let me go another week and see if I miscarry naturally as he doesn’t think it’s ectopic. I go home with a spring in my step and feel like I’ve won the lottery. The weekend comes and goes with lots of googling corpus luteums and reading miscarriage forums, Sat wasn’t great, felt a bit faint and light headed and lots of niggles in my right side but not overly worried.

Back for more bloods on Tuesday and result is 2,004, GOD DAMIT! Re-arrange scan for next day and meeting with my own obs “DR M” to put an end to this nightmare…..


One thought on “you can call me doctor….

  1. Even in bad times you see the bright (and rather funny) side 🙂 Well done for sharing the details of what is otherwise an ‘eggshell’ subject. Hope your feeling better xx

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