o christmas twee, o christmas twee!!


The Christmas tree is up, I can’t believe it. It normally goes up around the 20th but now that we are “mama and papa” we had to put it up early this year, oh the responsibility! I’m loving the lead up to Christmas this year as the princess is a lot more aware and is sooooo excited. She was nearly ready to burst when we were putting up the tree but didn’t quite understand that “my chwistmas balls” have to actually stay on the tree, it’s been a mission I tell you. She’s like the little girl in the coke ad telling everybody “mewwy chwistmas, ho, ho, ho in that really cute voice.

I haven’t heard the radio in weeks as the Disney Christmas Cd has taken over and we have to listen to it everytime we go in the car. She’s doing a great 2 year old version of  “jwingle bells” at the moment and keeping the masses entertained. I bought her a few Christmas stories so she seems to have grasped the whole idea of Santa to a certain extent, she seems to think he brings everything. In the last week Santa is going to bring

  • a rainbow – we saw a huge one the other day but the clouds took it home so now Santa is bringing her one.


  • money – she asked me for money the other day to put in our coin box but I didn’t have any so she said “mammy buy some”, I told her we couldn’t buy money so she told me “Santa bring some”!!

If you ask her what Santa is bringing her

“a pwesent and heart lollipops!”

I bought her a Carebear Chrismtmas story and share bear has 2 hearts on his belly that look like lollipops so this is what she wants. If anybody knows where one can buy heart lollipops please let me know, I know I can get chocolate ones but not coloured ones. There could be tears:)


p.s. what do you think of the black, is it hard to read?


3 thoughts on “o christmas twee, o christmas twee!!

  1. Hey Lor, the new design is lovely and no problem at all to read as it’s grey on black rather than white on black. It’s a keeper if you ask me lol. And what a funny post. That is hilarious how Alessia thinks Santa is bringing everything. How cute 🙂
    And, let your fretting head relax, I have a huge selection of red heart lollipops available here in Canterbury so I will be sure to bring a few home for Xmas. The only reason I know about these sticky pops is that I found them one day and thought they were sooo cute so bought one for my lovely husband. Thinking I was being all cute and romantic, I left it on his pillow and waited with a huge excited smile for his reaction. “What on earth is that thing?” was his reply………needless to say I won’t be buying him any more cute pressies!!! lol K xxx

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