we’re all better – kind of!


The antibiotics are finished and the Calpol and Nurofen are back in the medicine press and my little angel is kind of back. She has stopped throwing her food on the floor but the fork and knife haven’t been so lucky, neither has her toys or her bottle of ACTIMEL. What is with this throwing phase?? I’m trying to get some actimel into her after the antibiotic so she decided while sitting on the couch the other night to see what would happen if she threw a bottle of actimel “up to the sky”. Well, all I can say is it wasn’t pretty and she had her first encounter with the “bold step”.

It went everywhere, her, me, the leather couch, the cushions, the wall, the wooden floor and the mat under the coffee table. There is a smell of strawberry everywhere, I gave out to her and she replied

“no, say that Mammee, no talk mammmee”

“go away Mammmee, go to work, go to La Cucina”

She is 2!!

Her latest when I say no is

“no say no mammee”

I think I’m screwed:)


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