MISSING!! well behaved angel!!

Ok, so somebody has stolen my well behaved little princess and replaced her with a mammy beating tyrant:) I mentioned the princess has a throat infection but I think the antibiotics have gone to her head or else she has officially entered the “terrible 2’s” just because she is actually 2. As I write this I’m trying to ignore her as she is watching Hi-5 screaming her head off surrounded by crayons, markers, colouring books which she just fecked all around the room.

I’m not joking about the beating up business, lately she has started to hit me, pull my hair and if that doesn’t work she sticks her nails into me. Where do they learn this?? – mammy beating class? as I am the only one she does it to. I give out to her for doing it and then she just gets worse, the only thing that seems to work is to ignore her and tell her “mammy is sad”. After screaming for a few minutes she eventually comes over sweet as pie and in her sweetest voice with her big puppy dog eyes, head tilted to the side and says “mammy not sad now, friends again mammeeee? I make her say sorry which she does “sowwy mammeee” and then she asks for a big “ugg and kwiss” and says “I wuv u mammee”. They are so damn clever, we are no match for them, but I will persevere:)

Yesterday I made her home-made tomato sauce with linguine to try and get her to eat something as she’s off food, she got the plate and threw the whole lot all over the kitchen floor. I even took a photo as I was taking photos for my food blog at the time.


She’s calmed down engrossed in Hi-5, whoever said TV is bad for kids doesn’t have one:)

ciao, wish me luck as I go into battle:)

p.s. all advice from experienced, traumatised previously battered mammies welcome!:)


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