the princess is 2!!


The princess was 2 on Sunday. We went out to the Crescent on Sat to see Barney but what a disaster. We went out for the 3pm show but it was mayhem out there and not a sign of Barney. It was an absolute shambles with a queue of 100’s of families waiting to get a glimpse of him in some shop and 1 security guard taking the brunt of everything. There seemed to be nobody organising anything or providing info so everybody was just standing around trying to figure out what was going on. We gave up after half an hour and left but it really was a disgrace after all the advertising they did and the amount of people that turned up to be disappointed.

The princess wasn’t in great form on Saturday and I was worried she was coming down with something, we brought her out to eat and ordered her home-made chicken nuggets and chips and she didn’t touch them which is a sure sign she is getting sick as she LOVES chips – don’t ask!! We got up early Sunday morning and headed out to Killaloe to feed the ducks but the weather was awful but we wrapped up well and still went down by the river and fed them. I wasn’t much good though as I hate when the seagulls come down so I ended up throwing the whole lot on the ground. Bru and the princess weren’t impressed but I got a fright goddamit – Wussss!!

We went to the MIL’s for lunch and the biggest Barney cake you’ve ever seen made by the MIL and Zia Wilma but the princess woke up with a temperature on the way there so she was in no mood to party. We still did the “happy birthday” but she got very upset when the candles started melting and dropped on the cake and that was it, there was no going back then. It was 5mls of Calpol and home to watch Playhouse Disney on the couch for the evening.

She had a high temperature all day yesterday so I brought her to the doctor yesterday and she has a throat infection the poor pet. She is not the best patient and will not leave my side when she is sick, it’s hard to even go to the toilet and good lord am I sick of watching Barney:)




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