the things they say!!

location – upstairs bathroom

me – Bruuuu, you have to change the bulbs in the bathroom!

princess – Daddddeeeee, chinge the bums in the barooom!



2 thoughts on “the things they say!!

  1. hi
    what a wonderful wonderful idea to write about your dd- she sounds so cute. (i found your link from magicmum)

    your pics are fantastic. i have 4 girls (lo is 9 weeks) so have been thru the terrible 2’s a few times . it never gets easier… but you will get through it , and laugh about it all in a few years 🙂

    keep up the wonderful words. your daughter is so lucky to have such a great mum and dad.

  2. Hi Maria – thanks a mil for your lovely comment!! 4 girls!!!! I have 3 sisters so I know what you’re in for:) Bru is terrified that it runs in the family:)

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