terrible 2’s!!!!

The princess is 2 in November and there have been lots of great times and lots of hard times so far BUT nothing prepares you for the “terrible 2’s”. I think somebody should write a book to guide you through this stage of their little lives because it is impossible! It’s probably come as a bigger shock to me as the princess is a little softy and wouldn’t say boo to anybody(like her mother;) she is very shy and terrified of people she doesn’t know, I actually put her in the creche part-time as she made strange with everybody from 6 weeks, by everybody I mean even grandparents incl the MIL who she saw everyday.

I remember we went out for dinner one night when she was a few months old and my mam and my sister offered to babysit. She cried for the whole time we were gone, she stopped when they put her in her bouncer but they couldn’t let her see their faces as she would get hysterical. They basically had to sit still on the couch behind her and leave her in front of the TV to keep her calm, if they even moved she cried.  The worst part for them was that we had forgotten to show them how to change the channels so they were stuck watching Italian T.V for a couple of hours hiding behind a possessed baby who got hysterical at the sight of them – mmmm I was wondering recently why nobody ever offers to babysit….:)

She was a great baby, slept through the night really young, no colic or excessive crying, she was always a bit needy which I put down to the birth but a fantastic baby overall, so this demon that has possessed my child in the last few weeks has come as a bit of a shock. The thing that makes it even harder or funnier even(on a good day) is last week the girls in the creche were telling me how great she was, one of the quietest and best behaved children they have ever had. I told them they should see her at home and they just laughed and looked at me disbelievingly.

For anybody who is on their first and hasn’t got to this stage yet, BE PREPARED!!!, for anybody who has been there, give us some advice please:) Nothing seems to please them:

in the morning scenario-

princess – mammy get up, go toilen and go donstais! I WANT(favourite word at the mo) specil kee!

me – ok let mammy wake up properly, 2 minutes.

princess – NOOOOOO MAMMMMMMMEEEEE, I WANT specil kee, get ur slippas MAMMMMEEEE and go donstais NOWWWW! At that point I’m up!!

once downstairs

princess – up mammy, up mammy!! She has given up walking for lent!!!!! She requests to be carried around the house non-stop and she likes to sit up on the counter beside me while I’m getting her food ready and she helps me put the cereal in her bowl etc.

me – ok, lets sit in your chair and have your breakfast – this is done in a very happy, high pitched tone as I know what is coming.

princess – NOOOOOO MAMMMMMMEEEE, de udder table!! This is her small one in front of the telly, shhhhh don’t tell anyone:) You will do it too!!

me  – ok, continuing in happy and calm tone, sit her down with her cereal and turn on the cartoons. You will do this too!!

princess – NOOOOO MAMMMEEEEEE, dunt want dem, not nice, dunt like specil kee!!

me – ok, don’t eat them so!

princess – NOOOOOO MAMMMMMEEEEE! want dem!

me – ok eat them so!!


She then gets hysterical and screams her head off for about 15 mins. I just ignore her which makes her worse and she eventually comes over and cuddles in and whimpers away for a few minutes, stops, turns to look at me as if butter(kerrygold preferably) wouldn’t melt in her mouth, gives me a little smirk, jumps down full of the joys of spring and eats her specil kee! Just when you think it’s all over it’s time to go to the fridge and get a smoothie and start all over again………

bring on the teenage years:)


5 thoughts on “terrible 2’s!!!!

  1. Hey Rach – it can be funny sometimes but other times I just sit there looking at her in dismay:) Supposedly it’s really common but nobody tells you how bad it is:)

  2. Oh god help me……I have it all to come 🙂
    That is absolutely hilarious. You must have the patience of a saint is about all I can say. I’m sure everyone always thinks ‘Oh that won’t happen to me’ but it clearly happens to everyone.

  3. I’m in the thick of it, too, but — thank the god of your choice — our amazing friend, an early childhood educator with three teenaged kids, recommended John Rosemond’s “Making the Terrible Twos Terrific.” I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Here’s a link, just for information purposes:


    She also highly recommends his other books, the Six-Point Plan and the one on the teenage years, for those with older kidlets.

    Kindest wishes!

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