what’s in a name??

Now that I’ve set up this blog where do I start?? This blog is a lot different to my food blog as I always have a recipe to focus on but this blog is really just general chit chat so I worry that I won’t have enough to talk about but I’ll do my best. I suppose the most obvious place to start is with the princess who is 2 this November, I can’t believe how time flies. I know everyone used to tell me when I was pregnant “oh they grow up so fast” and I’d be thinking “ya, ya, she’s not even born yet for god’s sake” BUT here I am talking about how fast it went. I remember when she was born and people used to say to me that they had a 2 year old, I would think to myself but that’s not a baby, that’s a person, why are they telling me this?, the naivety of a first time mom! I do it now myself when I meet a pregnant customer in the shop and I know exactly what they are thinking when I tell them “oh I have a 2 year old myself and time flies….”:)

I had a fantastic pregnancy with the princess, I was even jealous of myself:) I wasn’t even sick once. My sister was pregnant at the same time and she was the complete opposite, I put on very little weight, had no morning sickness, no fluid retention, absolutely nothing for 40 weeks but that all changed on 6/11/06 the day the princess was born. I had a  pretty traumatic birth experience which I will talk about at a later stage but came through it, have a fantastic daughter and am still here to tell the tale! The most important thing is that it hasn’t put me off going again but the gap will be bigger than I had planned but you do need time to get over these things.

I loved every minute of being pregnant and couldn’t wait to meet my little princess Alessia, we found out at 22 weeks that it was a girl so we named her that day. I loved this name the first time I heard it in Italy and always said if I had a girl this would be her name. We didn’t even have another name, a lot of people said we  might change our minds when we saw her but at that stage after calling her by her name for so long before she was born, she was Alessia when she arrived, I could hardly see her anyway, she could have been a boy for all I knew I was so out of it. I loved knowing what we were having as we got her room ready and I felt that I really bonded with her before she was born because she had an identity.

When we found out the sex we phoned the MIL straight away who was on holidays in Italy so the whole of Italy knew within 10 mins;), she was ecstatic as she has 2 grandsons and this was her first grand daughter. I think she went shopping the next day and bought the children’s shop out of everything in pink. My parents on the other hand were hoping that there might be a chance of a bit of “male” entering the family as I have 3 sisters and my sister that was pregnant at the same time had a girl too. All is not lost though as we got great news a couple of weeks ago that my other sister who is due in November is having a boy, god help him!!

We do have a lot of issues with pronunciation as it is unusual in Ireland and she has been called everything from Ella to Alexandra but people get it right after a while, I don’t bother correcting people but just pronounce it more when saying it so they might pick up on it, some haven’t though and to one person who I know very well she is still Alicia?? but hey you can’t win them all:)

ALESSIA – pronounced “al LAY see ah” meaning protector of mankind.


p.s. what are your little ones names, why did you pick it and what do they mean??


3 thoughts on “what’s in a name??

  1. Hey Lor,
    Nice post and great pics – this could be the start of something great and that is from a “papa’s side of the equation”. Best of luck with the blog and I’ll be popping in regularly.
    We have a little princess too (sure aren’t they all), but baby Elsie arrived some 5 months ago now and she is the reason that you get up in the morning, they’re the reason you be all you can be for them and they put the smiles of your life when they light up your life.
    She’s named after her great grandmother from Ruth’s side of the house. A woman that I knew very well and was a true lady. And like you guys, half way through pregnancy we agreed that if we were blessed with a little girl she would be called Elsie, If it was a boy, we were screwed because we didn’t really have anything as definite. Anyway Elsie arrived, not before scaring the crap out of me. I’ll tell you one thing, dads feel helpless, useless and shocked. Then it is joy, pride and unyielding love.
    Anyway that hallmark moment is for another day.
    Best of luck Lor

  2. Hey Andrew, thanks for such a lovely comment. It’s always great to hear from the “papa” side as I think sometimes they do get forgotten about. I wonder do any of them arrive easily, Bru got the “crap” scared out of him too, there was fainting and all involved but that’s for another day:)It’s all forgotten about now and they do indeed light up your life even though the tantrum stage where we’re at now is pretty challenging:)

  3. Hi Lorraine,
    Congrats on the new blog! I’m really looking forward to reading all about your stories of the princess.
    So, as you mentioned I am due on 1st November and we are having a boy. We too decided to name him when we found out the sex as we also felt it would help us bond.
    I have had a high risk pregnancy so it seemed even more important to have a relationship with him before he arrived. We have decided to call him Ethan. It’s a Hebrew name and it means strong and optimistic, solid and enduring, permanent, long lived and impetuous. We thought it was rather fitting considering the time we have had.
    Bring on the 1st November 🙂

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